1st. Annual Snowmobile Fun Run


Snowmobile Fun Run Stops

 “Get Registered – Sign Liability Waiver

 and then Get a Stamp for up to 6 designated Locations”


Due to it Being Sunset Sharkys 1st Annual Fun Run it is:

** FREE **

to register which includes 1 chance for Best Card Hand,  and Stamp card

** Due to Bad Rain Weather the Snowmobile Fun Run will be PostPoned to the 2019-2020 Snow Season **


* = 2 Locations where you can register between 10 am – Noon

1. * Sunset Sharkys Pub & Grub – 12 South Shore Dr., Clear Lake = (641) 35-SHARK

2. Kim’s– 102 N Weimer St. , Ventura, IA = (641) 829-3396

3. Rumorz – 1210 South Shore Dr., Clear Lake, IA = (641) 357-1035

4. Stampedes – 125 1st St. SE, Mason City, IA  = (641) 243-3700
** Stampedes Is in North Central Mason City, use appropriate trails and obey all laws and regulations and take direct routes to and from given trails for that city **

5. The Legion – 322 Main St. E, Rockwell, IA = (641) 822-3180

6. * Whitetails Bar & Grill –  101 N Main St. , Marble Rock, IA = (641) 397-9900


**Urgent** – These Maps are a Guide and may not be Groomed or Marked

You may have to find alternate trails if not marked Never go on Private Property

unless given permission to do so – **Urgent**

Cerro Gordo County Snowmobile Trails


Floyd County Snowmobile Trails


Maps Courtesy of http://www.iowasnowmobiler.com


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