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Ride Anything Charity Fun Run


Stay Tuned for Latest Maps


Due to Recent Weather Changes of Hot – Cold or Sunny and Rainy Days we made a Fun Run that will adapt to all types of weather if you planned on riding a bike or motorcycle etc.. and it rains feel free to take your car and go anyway for this good cause !!!

First: Come to Sunset Sharkys and give your $5 donation to the Charity they are playing for this year and they will give you a Map. The Fun Run starts @ 10:30 am

There will be a bicycle or similar map: For individual(s) who would like to play riding a  bicycle, moped, boat, skateboard etc.. or would just like to walk or run or hike it.

There will be a motorcycle or car or other map: For individual(s) who would like to play riding a motorcycle, car, truck, van, or other which has an engine because this map will have a lot of more miles to their locations than the other map does

You choose which route you will take + make it back in time

for the prizes and awards ceremony

*** Make sure all your stops are OPEN at the time you show up ***

*** Don’t be too early or too late…. ***

Second: You will go to the locations that are marked on the map If you lose the map you can either go online or print it out once on our Facebook Page or go to website

Third: Once at your location tell them you are with the Fun Run and they will have a bag of Pokerchips or Playing cards with points on them… You will then draw from the bag and record chip or card points.

If you are playing by yourself  or in a group have them record your Name on the paper sheet they have and what Points you have drawn.


 If your in a group only one person from the group may draw at each location !!!

Fourth: Once you been to all the stops on your map EVEN if you didn’t finish all of them come back to Sunset Sharkys by 4:30 PM where judges will add up the scores and tell who was the winners of the Bicycle and Car Maps Fun Run and of coarse Best Themes !!!

Weather Permitting we will have a Band outside and if rain inside with Food & Drink Specials just for this Event…

Have Fun and BE SAFE !!!